The Sustainable Mindset Coach 

🧘🏾‍♀️Meet Nelly Wong, the Sustainable Mindset Coach and Warrior for Congruent Living!🧘🏾‍♀️


🇵🇭Proudly representing the vibrant spirit of the Filipinx community, nestled in the outskirts of Chicago!🇵🇭


👩🏾‍⚕️With over 10 years of nursing experience, I’ve transitioned my passion for healing into nurturing sustainable mindsets.👩🏾‍⚕️


🌎Embracing my role as a spiritual being on this earthly adventure, I’m here to guide you towards a sustainable and mindful living.🌎


🌊Lover of all things natural, from the soothing sounds of ocean waves to the laughter of children, and the heart-melting cuteness overload of a playful puppy. 🌊


🌬️As an introvert, I find solace and inspiration in the quiet moments, where the whispers of nature speak volumes.🌬️


🧵Honoring the sacred art of healing, I weave together the threads of spirituality, mindfulness, sensuality, and movement into a tapestry of transformation.🧵


🫀Trauma-informed and recovery-driven, I provide a nurturing space for your healing journey, grounded in compassion and connection.🫀


☮️Ready to embark on a journey of consciousness, self-discovery, and sustainable inner peace? After the retreat, let’s keep the conversation flowing.☮️


🎨 Drop me a message in my inbox  or peep my website at Or if you'd rather slide into my DMs on IG follow @livingcolourcoach for Nelly’s (wisdom) Nuggets!!🎨

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"Calling what Nelly does 'coaching' does not do it justice. It is a reframing of the mind. I feel lighter. I am finding joy in simple things again. I would recommend Nelly's coaching to anyone who is experiencing feelings of burnout."

Tara, 37, Illinois

"Nelly helped me find my voice and state my needs and wants instead of burying them. I feel more powerful and equipped to handle the challenges in my life." 

Lisa, 46, Florida

"Nelly created a safe space that allowed me to focus on what was truly important to me. I began to embrace uncertainty and the vulnerability that comes along with it, understanding that this posture allows me the opportunity to show up as my authentic self." 

Talecia, 37, Illinois

"Her utilization of inner child work has made such an impact on my ability to move forward from past trauma."

Shanin, 43, Tennessee

"Nelly's beautiful cadence and quality of her voice is calming and draws you in. She makes you feel safe and secure to open up and be vulnerable. It's the perfect setting for deep healing." 

Greta, 61, Kentucky

"Nelly was direct in her approach, yet calm and inspiring in her support and reflections. I have learned more about my deeper self and true passions through our sessions." 

Eva, 56, California

My Favorite Quote:

"We already are what we want to become. We don't have to become someone else. All we have to do is be ourselves, fully and authentically. We don't have to run after anything. We already contain the whole cosmos. We simply return to ourselves through mindfulness and touch the peace and joy that are already present within us and all around us. I have arrived. I am already home." - Thich Nhat Hanh